PC Performance Benchmarks

Roy Longbottom presents on his website "Roy Longbottom's PC Benchmark Collection" reliable performance benchmark programs alongside with recent and historic benchmark results. The benchmarks are free for personal use and range from standard numerical benchmarks, e.g. Whetstone, Dhrystone, Linpack and Livermore Loops, over memory and cache benchmarks up to graphics and multi CPU/core benchmarks. All modern benchmarks are available in 64 bit. Recently, he published benchmarks for android handsets and tablets.
Additionally to the benchmark programs, there are also some summarizing performance tables, which are dating back from state of the art 64 bit Phenom II X4 and Core i7 CPUs to 80486 CPUs.
In the Sustainable Software context, these performance values may be useful for software engineers when estimating hardware obsolescence1,2 or doing software performance engineering3,4 in early design and architecture phases of a software project.
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