EnviroInfo 2012: 26th International Conference on Informatics for Environmental Protection

Date and Venue: Dessau, Germany, Aug 29-31, 2012

The EnviroInfo 2012 is the international and interdisciplinary conference on leading environmental Information and Communication Technologies.
Our presentation “Green Web Engineering - Measurements and Findings” examines tips and principles for the Green Web regarding their conservation of server resources and electrical energy.


Visualizing the Green Web – The Green Power Indicator

Towards a greener Web especially the user as the biggest user group needs to get background information. This information may contain recommendation how to support the Green Web (e.g. by using the caching functionality of the browser) and transparency of the energy and resource consumption. One point is the type of energy consumed by the website’s operating server. The Firefox Add-on “Green Power Indicator” (GPI) provides this information for every web user interested in. It informs about the energy’s quality of the provider via a small icon.1