EnviroInfo 2012: 26th International Conference on Informatics for Environmental Protection

Date and Venue: Dessau, Germany, Aug 29-31, 2012

The EnviroInfo 2012 is the international and interdisciplinary conference on leading environmental Information and Communication Technologies.
Our presentation “Green Web Engineering - Measurements and Findings” examines tips and principles for the Green Web regarding their conservation of server resources and electrical energy.

The EnviroInfo 2012 aims to report about state-of-the-art applications of ICT as well as newest developing trends in the field of environmental informatics. The conference will be held at the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) in Dessau, starting with the Get-together at the Bauhaus Building, which is since 1996 a World Cultural Heritage. On the weekend directly following the conference, there will be the Color Festival, a large cultural event at the Bauhaus. The conference dinner will take place in the Museum of Technology “Hugo Junkers” also located in Dessau.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Naumann will present our latest research “Green Web Engineering - Measurements and Findings” in Session 4-1 “Green IT 2” on Thursday, 30/Aug. The paper was authored by Markus Dick, Eva Kern, Timo Johann, Stefan Naumann and Christian Gülden. It examines tips and principles for green websites and web applications, which were discussed in an earlier research1, and evaluates if and to which extent these save server resources and electrical energy.
  1. Dick, M., Naumann, S., Held, A.: Green Web Engineering. A Set of Principles to Support the Development and Operation of "Green" Websites and their Utilization during a Website’s Life Cycle. In: Filipe, J., Cordeiro, J. (eds.): WEBIST 2010 - Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, Volume 1, Valencia, Spain, April 07-10, 2010, pp. 48–55. INSTICC Press, Setúbal (2010