Visualizing the Green Web – The Green Power Indicator

Towards a greener Web especially the user as the biggest user group needs to get background information. This information may contain recommendation how to support the Green Web (e.g. by using the caching functionality of the browser) and transparency of the energy and resource consumption. One point is the type of energy consumed by the website’s operating server. The Firefox Add-on “Green Power Indicator” (GPI) provides this information for every web user interested in. It informs about the energy’s quality of the provider via a small icon.1

The intention of this tool is to visualize the implications of ICT, especially the Internet, on the environment and support more transparency for the user. To do so the add-on catches the domain of the website the user is surfing on and sends this domain to a server and queries the eco-friendly ISPs database, developed by the R&D project GREENSOFT. Depending on the result the energy type and further information such as the internet provider and the electricity provider are sent back to the user and are displayed by the add-on.

The tool can be downloaded for free on the Mozilla Add-ons websitehttps://addons.mozilla.org/downloads/latest/261040/addon-261040-latest.xpi?src=suso-blog. In that way every internet user who is interested in can install the extension and contribute in the development of the Green Web.

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