Workshop: Green In Software Engineering, Green By Software Engineering (GIBSE)

The Workshop Green In Software Engineering, Green By Software Engineering (GIBSE)  is a one-day event and will be co-located with the Aspect Oriented Software Development Conference (AOSD) 2013. The workshop will be held in Fukuoka, Japan on Tuesday 26th March 2013.

The submissions are encouraged in, but not limited to, the following topics:
  • Green-ness in software engineering:
    • Methods and techniques to elicit and model green-ness requirements
    • Methods and techniques to identify and analyze the trade-offs among the greenness requirements themselves and other quality attributes
    • Methods and techniques to model and analyze the green-ness attributes of software architecture and their trade-offs
    • Dedicated programming infrastructures, component models, compilers, and linguistic constructs to achieve green-ness in the implementations
    • Methods and techniques to represent green-ness requirements in test scenarios
    • Method and techniques to test the green-ness of software
    • Crosscutting nature of green-ness attributes and the aspect-oriented techniques to cope with it
  • Green-ness by software engineering:
    • Design of self-energy-adaptive system architectures
    • Estimating and measuring the energy-consumption of system at design and runtime
    • Design and run-time energy models for self-energy-adaptive system
    • Multi-objective optimization of energy and other quality attributes
Important Dates
  • Paper Submission deadline: December 21, 2012
  • Author notification: January 14, 2013
  • Camera-ready copies of accepted papers: January 28, 2013
Further information can be found on the workshops website: http://trese.ewi.utwente.nl/workshops/GIBSE/