Energy Aware Software-Engineering and Development (EASED@BUIS)

The EASED workshop will be held in conjunction with the 5th BUIS-Days: IT-based resource and energy management.

Utilization of mobile and embedded devices, and thus their induced energy consumption, is constantly increasing. Reducing the energy consumption of such devices will not only improve the carbon footprint of contemporary mobile IT usage, but will also extend the device lifetime, improve user acceptance and reduce operational costs.

Next to serious and ongoing efforts in hardware design and on operating system level, software engineering techniques will also contribute to optimize energy consumption by improving software design and software quality. The EASED@BUIS workshop, which follows up the Workshop on Developing Energy Aware Software Systems (EEbS 2012), held at the annual GI Conference in September 2012, provides a broad forum for researchers and practitioners to discuss ongoing works, latest results, and common topics of interest regarding the improvement of software induced energy consumption.



Amortization Periods of Energy Efficient Notebooks

87 years! That's the amortization period of a notebook that is 10% more energy efficient than a usual notebook.

A recent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study of the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) examines the carbon footprint of notebooks and tries to determine the time span after which a notebook should be replaced by a new one seen from an ecological point of view. The study is available in German and English language.

GREENS - 2nd International Workshop on Green and Sustainable Software

The GREENS workshop is held in conjunction with the 35th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2013) in San Francisco, CA, USA, 20th May, 2013. http://greens.cs.vu.nl/