Energy Aware Software-Engineering and Development (EASED@BUIS)

The EASED workshop will be held in conjunction with the 5th BUIS-Days: IT-based resource and energy management.

Utilization of mobile and embedded devices, and thus their induced energy consumption, is constantly increasing. Reducing the energy consumption of such devices will not only improve the carbon footprint of contemporary mobile IT usage, but will also extend the device lifetime, improve user acceptance and reduce operational costs.

Next to serious and ongoing efforts in hardware design and on operating system level, software engineering techniques will also contribute to optimize energy consumption by improving software design and software quality. The EASED@BUIS workshop, which follows up the Workshop on Developing Energy Aware Software Systems (EEbS 2012), held at the annual GI Conference in September 2012, provides a broad forum for researchers and practitioners to discuss ongoing works, latest results, and common topics of interest regarding the improvement of software induced energy consumption.
Intensive discussions at the first workshop identified a major challenge in optimizing energy efficiency, which is to precisely measure energy consumption of software regarding user behavior.

Thus, the follow workshop EASED@BUIS will focus on the following topics:

  • approaches and techniques to estimate or measure the energy consumption of software components,
  • approaches to define standardized usage scenarios of applications on mobile devices to provide repeatable measurement of energy consumption in concrete application settings,
  • approaches to model the energy consumption of software components, and
  • experiences on measuring and improving the energy consumption of software components.
Well elaborated and standardized measurement means will provide an important foundation to detecting sources of wasting energy caused by software systems and will enable validation means to verify energy savings by software improvements.

EASED@BUIS will be organized as a one day discussion-intensive workshop to provoke intensive collaborations among the participants. It is intended to initiate collaborative works on standardizing (static and dynamic) measuring techniques for energy consumption.

To further stimulate these discussions, authors are invited to submit position papers one on the workshop´s topics. Accepted papers will be presented at the workshop and will be published in Softwaretechnik-Trends.

You will find more information and important dates on the EASED 2013 website.