Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop Energy Aware Software-Engineering and Development (EASED@BUIS)

The proceedings of the 2nd Workshop Energy Aware Software-Engineering and Development (EASED@BUIS), held in conjunction with the 5th BUIS-Days on April 25, 2013, are available in open access from the Oldenburg Lecture Notes on Software Engineering (OLNSE) repository of the Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany.

Table of Contents

Energy Aware Programming and Optimization

  • Christian Bunse, Sebastian Stiemer
    On the Energy Consumption of Design Patterns
  • Timo Hönig, Christopher Eibel, Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat, Björn Cassens, Rüdiger Kapitza
    Proactive Energy-Aware System Software Design with SEEP
  • Sebastian Götz, Renè Schöne, Claas Wilke, Julian Mendez, Uwe Assmann
    Towards Predictive Self-optimization by Situation Recognition
  • Stefan Naumann, Eva Kern, Markus Dick
    Classifying Green Software Engineering - The GREENSOFT Model

Measuring and Estimating Energy Consumption

  • Kay Grosskop
    PUE for end users - Are you interested in more than bread toasting?
  • Mirco Josefiok, Marcel Schröder, Andreas Winter
    An Energy Abstraction Layer for Mobile Computing Devices
  • Patrick Heinrich
    Towards Network-Wide Energy Estimation for Adaptive Embedded Systems
  • Dmitriy Shorin, Armin Zimmermann
    Evaluation of Embedded System Energy Usage with Extended UML Models


Bunse, Christian; Gottschalk, Marion; Naumann, Stefan; Winter, Andreas (eds):
2nd Workshop EASED@BUIS 2013 - Energy Aware Software-Engineering and Development, no. 4/2013, (Oldenburg Lecture Notes on Software Engineering) Carl von Ossietzeky University, Oldenburg, Software-Engineering, Oldenburg, April  2013.