Environmental Informatics and Renewable Energies

27th International Conference on Informatics for Environmental Protection - Day 2

This second conference day on EnviroInfo 2013 can be summed up by the title "Green / Sustainable by ICT". Within different contexts the today presented paper deal with the question how we can use ICT to support a "smart world" and how it can be used to capture environmental data.
Just to give an impression how the end user can profit from the actual developments and research, I would like to mention the WIND project presented in the context of environmental information systems. It informs the user about weather warnings around him. The motivation is to invent demages by providing information.

A big topic of the conference is also the buzz word "smart": smart grids, smart metering, smart solutions. Different approaches exists and have been presented within this context. There are for example an activity service or a plattform for parallel virtuall power plants. Achim Guldner of the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld talked about how to detect consumer devices by applying pattern recognition to smart meter signals.

Today was also the day for the "young researchers": projects like the offshore windpark or an app to  get data for covering environmental impacts, e.g. aggregated as the carbon footprint, have been introduced in the student workshop. Some other students have been awarded for their ideas. A student from Birkenfeld presented his energy efficiency measurements of his Android app. He found out, that he can save about 5% of energy by changing just about one line of code.

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