Book Project about Green Software Engineering Aspects

Coral Calero and Mario Piattini, professors of the Computer Science Department at the University of  Castilla-La Mancha in Spain, are editing a Springer book dealing with the multiple aspects regarding being Green in Software Engineering. Hence, they invited different researchers dealing with topics like Green Software Requirements, Testing, Construction, Models, Quality, etc. to write contributions about their personal interest.

Our chapter will deal with Processes for Green and Sustainable Software Engineering.

Abstract. Green IT comprises activities to enable environmental friendly and resource-efficient ICT over its whole life cycle. Next to hardware aspects, green software engineering covers the software side by providing concepts, tools, and recommendations on how to create sustainable software and use it in a resource saving way. In this context, the software engineering process itself is of prime importance. Hence, starting with some definitions, we present and discuss a generic process model for green software engineering that is inspired by life cycle thinking and bases on the life cycle of software products. We expatiate on this approach by the GREENSOFT model, which will be described as well. Above that, we expose some activities of sustainability informatics with respect to the process phases of software engineering. These aspects will be integrated in existing process models, additionally. We will delineate our approach of some other existing procedure models in the form of related work. In the end, we will give a conclusion and prospects of potentials for future work.

The book is planed to be structured as follows:
  1.     Introduction to Green in Software Engineering
  2.     Green Software Economic
  3.     Green Software Requirements
  4.     Green Software Testing
  5.     Green Software Construction
  6.     Green Software Engineering Models and Methods
  7.     Green Software Maintenance
  8.     Green Software Engineering Management
  9.     Green Software Engineering Professional Practice
  10.     Green Engineering Foundations
  11.     Green Software Engineering Process
  12.     Green Software Quality
  13.     Social dimension of Sustainability
  14.     Participation and Green Software