Towards more Transparency by Sustainability Reporting - EnviroInfo 2014, Day 3

The last day of this year EnviroInfo started with a presentation of Dr. Sascha Roth from the Volkswagen Group. He showed us how Volkswagen tries to demonstrate the sustainability of the group in the sustainability report. For them the transparency is very important so that everyone can have a look onto the sustainability report on sustainabilityreport2013.volkswagenag.com.


All about energy - EnviroInfo 2014, Day 2

In the morning of the second conference day, Dr. Jörg Hermsmeier (Head of Department Research & Development of the EWE Aktiengesellschaft) opened the conference with his presentation "Energy for tomorrow". He pointed out that "innovation is a new wor(l)d in the energy sectors" at the moment, but they contemporary are the only possibility for energy for tomorrow.


„Technology drives civilisation dynamics“ – EnviroInfo 2014, Day 1

In the first keynote in this year Environmental Informatics, Michael F. Jischa pointed out that the technical development is influencing our future more and more and hence, the development of the society, influenced by the technology in all fields, is hardly predictable. Therefore, he argues in support of preparing engineers for future challenges that are changing rapidly. Coming to the conclusion that teaching concerning technical assessment and sustainable development has to be embedded into engineering curricula and to be supported by accompanying research projects, Jischa stands the motivation for this conference.


Book "ICT Innovations for Sustainability"

The book "ICT Innovations for Sustainability" outlines the core concepts and methods of an emerging field of research and practice, ICT for Sustainability (ICT4S).

ICT4S clusters around two pillars:
  • Sustainability in ICT, making information and communication technologies themselves more sustainable, and
  • Sustainability by ICT, using information and communication technologies to encourage sustainable practices in society as a whole.
Together with our former colleague Prof. Dr. Stefan Naumann, we co-authored the chapter "Sustainable Software Engineering: Process and Quality Models, Life Cycle, and Social Aspects".

In the chapter, we give and explain a widely accepted definition of sustainable software engineering1 before we present a quality model for sustainable software. Afterwards, based on the definition, we introduce a set of high-level reference processes2 which add sustainability concepts to the software reference processes defined in ISO/IEC 12207. Then we investigate how these additional reference processes are covered by two sustainable software engineering processes, the "Process Model for Agile and Sustainable Software Engineering"3,4 and the "Green Model for Sustainable Software Engineering"5.


Naumann, S., Kern, E., Dick, M., Johann, T.: Sustainable Software Engineering: Process and Quality Models, Life Cycle, and Social Aspects. In: L.M. Hilty and B. Aebischer (eds.), ICT Innovations for Sustainability, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 310, Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015, DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-09228-7, ISBN 978-3-319-09227-0


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