Sustainable Software Processes, Episode 1: Sustainable Software Engineering

In 2004, Albertao1 presented one of the earliest frameworks (to our knowledge) for Sustainable Software Engineering. Basically, it introduces a continuous improvement cycle and accompanying metrics to improve the sustainability of software projects. The framework is very lightweight and has no dependencies on specific software processes, which eases its integration in any practised software process. To show its practicability, the method was applied in a real-life software project for NASA.


1st Green in Software Engineering Workshop (GInSEng 2015 @ ICGSE 2015)

GInSEng 2015, the 1st Green in Software Engineering Workshop, will be held at Ciudad Real, Spain, July 13, 2015, co-located with the 10th International Conference on Global Software Engineering. 


Sustainable Software Processes (Pilot)

In this series on Sustainable Software Processes, we will first present summaries of several software processes that claim to enable the development of ecologically or, in a broader sense, sustainably sound software. Afterwards, we will examine how and to which extent the presented processes implement a set of reference processes for sustainable software engineering that complement the international standards ISO/IEC 122071 and ISO/IEC 15504-42. They were proposed by Giuseppe Lami, Fabrizio Fabbrini, and Mario Fusani in their research paper “Software Sustainability from a Process-Centric Perspective”1.

The set includes three basic processes:
  • Sustainability Management Process
  • Sustainability Engineering Process
  • Sustainability Qualification Process

4th International Workshop on Energy-Efficient Data Centres

The 4th International Workshop on Energy-Efficient Data Centres is co-located with the ACM e-Energy 2015, the Sixth International Conference on Future Energy Systems (e-Energy 2015), July 14, 2015 in Bangalore, India