Green Software Project: Final Report published

The preprint of the final report of the project: “Establishing and exploiting potentials for environmental protection in information and communication technology (Green IT), Subproject 3: Analysis of potentials for optimizing software development and deployment for resource conservation” gives a good overview of the latest state of the art of the research activities in the field of green software and its engineering. The English version of the report consists of the following three parts: 
  • Starting points for resource conservation
  • Methodological challenges and approaches
  • Recommendations for actions
Additionally to these, the German version starts with an analysis of current trends in ICT. The following short summary of the report is based on the full German version.


Sustainable Software Processes, Episode 2: Green Software Engineering with Agile Methods

In our paper “Green Software Engineering with Agile Methods”1, we described the latest revision of our add-on for software process that enables the development of ecologically sound software or seen from a broader perspective sustainable software. The first version of the process has already been published in 20102.

The process add-on was developed as an example software development process for the GREENSOFT Model3. Beyond software development processes, the GREENSOFT Model covers also purchase, maintenance, and administration processes. However, these processes were only outlined and not described in detail.