Principles and Rules for a Sustainable Software Service Design

The cover story of the February issue of the German JavaMagazin is about Sustainable Service Design1, which means, of course, sustainable service design in the Java universe. The article by Wolfgang Pleus is presented as the introduction to a series of articles. He shortly discusses the meaning of sustainability and sustainable development as one basic concept of modern business operations, i.e. of software development corporations. Thereafter, he presents his basic concepts and rules that enable a software implemented service to be sustainable. The next article in this series of the JavaMagazin will focus on concrete implementations of the sustainable design principles in the Java ecosystem. The cover story is appended by an article where the author is interviewed about how microservices and his sustainable design principles complement each other2.

The article is, to my knowledge, the first article published in a popular German mainstream programmers magazine that is concerned with sustainability in software and which proposes concepts immediately usable by practitioners.


Environmental Informatics Prize 2015 for Students

During following week, it will still be possible to submit descriptions of student’s projects in the field of Environmental Informatics to the international students’ prize awarded by the German Informatics Society and Oekom Research, Munich.

The “Environmental Informatics Prize” has been awarded annually since 2003 by the Technical Committee Informatics for Environmental Protection (http://www.enviroinfo.eu/) of the German Informatics Society (http://www.gi.de/).

Please submit your five-page description by May 15, 2015, to eiprize@empa.ch


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