5th Workshop "Energy Aware Software-Engineering and Development" (EASED@EnviroInfo2016)

The 5th workshop "Energy Aware Software-Engineering and Development" will take place September 14, 2016 at the international conference EnviroInfo in Berlin.

The EASED workshop series focusses on methods and technologies to optimize the energy consumption of systems by improving software.

EASED@EnviroInfo2016 requests for papers, e.g. presenting:
  • online and offline approaches and techniques to estimate or measure the software related energy consumption of embedded systems and/or its components,
  • techniques validating improvement of energy consumption by these techniques,
  • models, metrics, or profiles representing the energy consumption of complex systems and their components like memory, CPU, bus systems, displays, communication interfaces,
  • approaches to derive energy models, metrics, or profiles from existing systems,
  • standardized procedures to compare and certify the energy consumption of software intensive systems, and
  • experience reports on applying these techniques and procedures

Proceedings of the workshop will be published within the EnviroInfo proceedings.

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