5th workshop "Environmental Informatics between Sustainability and Change" (UINW 2017)

The 5th workshop "Environmental Informatics between Sustainability and Change" will take place during INFORMATIK 2017 in Chemnitz (25. to 29.09.).

The call for papers just started:

Topics of the workshop

Especially in the context of environment and energy, as well as in supporting humans in health and polar questions, big data is to be processed and analysed. Based on that, here are some examples that could be addressed within the workshop:
  • Big data in the context of environment applications
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Business Environmental Information Systems (BUIS)
  • Climate change and adaption
  • Modelling and simulation of big data
  • Environmental and energy information systems
  • Relation between environmental and health data
  • Smart Meter and Smart Grid
  • Green IT and Green by IT
  • ICT support for humans in different life phases
  • Environmental informatics and design
  • ...
Referring to the main topic of the conference “Digital Cultures”, we will focus on the “digitalisation of environmental informatics”. How does the “culture of environmental informatics” change? Is sustainability a megatrend that will further develop ICT issues in regards of environmental sciences? How will digital cultures in the following fields change:
  • Open Data
  • Software supporting resource saving by providing information to users (e.g. mobile applications to visualize the sustainability of products)
  • Citizen Crowd Sciences
  • Protection of the environment in the context of companies: improvement or dilution by information systems?
  • Arrangement of education in the context of environmental informatics and Green IT
  • Fake Environmental News


The workshop is a one-day workshop. Maximal number of participants: 30
We plan to have a mix of traditional presentations and impulse talks as well as a round table. The workshop results will be published in the LNI publication of the conference and summarized in the newsletter of the panel of environmental informatics experts. The workshop will be in German and English.


Contributions for the “Environmental Informatics between Sustainability and Change” work-shop should enclose max. 12 pages for a “long paper” and max. 6 pages for a “short paper” (both incl. references). They can be written in German or English. Please use the LNI format style: https://www.gi.de/index.php?id=171
The reviewing process will a combined process of peer-review and review by external experts. We will ask colleagues from the communities of environmental modelling and business environmental information systems to support the review. The time table is based on the conference guideline.

Your ideas regarding current and future research questions addressing environmental issues are more than welcome! We are looking forward to having an interesting discussion in this context in Chemnitz. We invite researchers and experts from the practical field who did not publish their ideas in the environmental informatics community so far, but find themselves in the interdisciplinary workshop.
We encourage especially junior researchers to participate in the workshop.

Important dates

  • Submission of contributions for the workshops: 30th of April, 2017 extended 14th of May, 2017
  • Decision on the acceptance of contributions: 15th of May, 2017 extended 30th of May, 2017
  • Submission of the printable version: 30th of June, 2017
The registration for the INFORMATICS 2017 (main conference) is required to participate in the workshop. The registration fees depend on the number of days you want to join the con-ference. We expect at least one author to register for the conference and workshop.

Background information

The German Informatics Society (Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI)) is organizing the INFORMATICS 2017 conference by the end of September. The motto of this year's conference is: “Digital Cultures”. The conference will take place from 25th to 29th of September, 2017 in Chemnitz, Germany.
The importance of computer sciences within natural sciences, social sciences, and environmen-tal sciences is indisputable. The motto of the INFORMATICS 2017 conference “Digital Cultures” was chosen with regard to that. It shows that information and communication technologies (ICT) and their application fields always have an influence onto the society.
Environmental Informatics are an important part of Applied Computer Sciences. This im-portance has been recognized already in the eighties. Based on that, the panel of environmen-tal informatics experts of the GI (Fachausschuss Umweltinformatik) has been founded in 1986. The aim is to exchange experiences and analyse and solve environmental problems by means of current ICT methods. This includes the question if and how complex systems can be treated.
So far, the workshop took place during the annual conference of the German Informatics So-ciety in Koblenz in 2013, in Stuttgart in 2014, in Cottbus in 2015, and in Klagenfurt in 2016. This year, we aim to highlight the (cultural) change in applied topics and in computer science itself.

Organisation and further information

  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Naumann (University of Applied Sciences Trier, Environmental Campus Birkenfeld): s.naumann[at]umwelt-campus.de
  • Dr. Kristina Voigt (German Research Center for Environmental Health, Helmholtz Zentrum München): kvoigt[at]helmholtz-muenchen.de
  • Eva Kern, M.Sc. (Leuphana University Lüneburg): mail[at]nachhaltige-medien.de

The panel of environmental informatics experts of the German Informatics Society supports the UINW workshop actively.