SUSEFUS - Workshop on Sustainable Software Engineering of Future Technology Digital Services

SUSEFUS Workshop at ICT4S 2019 in Lappeenranta, Finland.

Large scale digital services in the cloud have a global scale, are being consumed by millions of users and drive the deployment of energy using infrastructure. Future technologies will intensify these challenges: Machine learning requires large compute resources to train models based on big data. Virtual Reality and 8k video significantly increase network utilisation and require additional network infrastructure. And the Internet of Things results in vast amount of data that requires the deployment of new processing capability and network infrastructure.


ICT4S 2019 – 6th international conference on ICT for Sustainability

June 10-16 2019, Lappeenranta, Finland.

The ICT4S conferences bring together leading researchers in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for Sustainability with government and industry representatives, including decision-makers with an interest in using ICT for sustainability, researchers focusing on ICT effects on sustainability and developers of sustainable ICT systems or applications. The conferences feature an innovative format for presenting new research, focusing on participation and conversation rather than passive listening.


More information about the ICT4S can be found from http://ict4s.org/