Invitation: Special Issue of "Sensors" on "Green, Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Networks"

The topic of "energy-efficient networking and computing" is attracting growing attention for economic, energetic, and environmental reasons. According to a number of studies, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) alone are responsible for up to 10% of world power consumption, due to the ever-increasing diffusion of electronic devices. Communication networks, including the Internet and wireless networks, represent a non-negligible part of the energy consumption of ICT. In addition, the carbon footprint of ICT devices due to energy consumption and the activities related to their entire lifecycle contributes to global warming. Hence, such rapid increase of power consumed by ICT, as well as the energy bills of service providers indicate necessity for improving energy-efficiency of ICT sector.


GreenCom-2019 The 2019 IEEE International Conference on Green Computing and Communications

July 14 - July 17, 2019, Atlanta, USA

The 2019 IEEE International Conference on Green Computing and Communications (GreenCom-2019) will be an exciting international forum for scientists, engineers, and researchers to exchange their novel work regarding advancements in the state-of-art of green computing and communications, as well as to identify the emerging research topics and open issues for further researches.


EnviroInfo 2019 Environmental Informatics – Computational sustainability: ICT methods to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals

23th – 26th September 2019 at the University of Kassel, Germany

The EnviroInfo 2019 is the 33th edition of the long standing and established international and interdisciplinary conference series on leading environmental information and communication technologies. The conference is open for contributions covering innovative topics at the interface between informatics and environmental research.

The conference will be organized in thematic tracks and workshops (incl. PhD workshop). We expect at least 4 keynotes by high-ranking speakers from industry, the public sector and academia. In 2019 the event is parallel to the annual convention of the German “Gesellschaft für Informatik” that is also taking place at University of Kassel.