Free Checklist for the Repository of 115 Web Eco-design Practices

GreenIT.fr developed a repository of 115 Web eco-design practices. Those practices were published in French in the second edition of the book "Eco-conception web" in 20151. I already blogged about the first edition in December 2013.

This second edition offers 15 more best practices and a maturity evaluation system based on the priority of the best practices.

In addition to the book, the best practices are also available in the form of a free checklist, which is published under license CC-By-NC-ND.

The checklist is available in HTML, Excel, PDF and Word at the following address: https://collectif.greenit.fr/ecoconception-web/

  1. Bordage, F.: Éco-conception Web. Les 115 bonnes pratiques : doper son site et réduire son empreinte écologique. Eyrolles, Paris (2015). https://collectif.greenit.fr/ecoconception-web/